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Clash Royale, the spectacular new title of Supercell

As expected, the month of March brought us the official publication of the new Supercell title, of course we are talking about Clash Royale, available for Android and iOS. We at HDblog have already tested it extensively in the soft launch phases, but today we offer you our complete review, accompanied by a short video-gameplay where you can see this game in action, which promises to be a great global success.

Let’s start by telling you that this game also reflects the style of publication of Supercell titles, resulting totally free but supported by in-app purchases, which as always make the difference in the speed of growth within the global rankings, but let’s proceed with order starting with gamestyle.


In Clash Royale we will face short battles lasting a few minutes with a view from above and Clash of Clans-style graphics, where we and our enemy will face each other with the goal of razing the King’s tower or at least the two defensive towers . Imagine a soccer field, where instead of the two doors there will be structures, ours and those of the enemy on the opposite side, this will be the display arrangement we will soon get used to.

Between us and our opponent we will find little road but lots of enemies, towers and defensive structures all coming from the beloved world of Clash of Clans, but with some unpublished presence. As in card games we will have to collect the greatest number of common cards, rare and epic, playable on the pitch with a cost in “Elixir” variable according to the power. Each character, tower and defensive structure will be upgradeable by unlocking the Trunks earned after each victory , collecting the required number of cards and spending a variable amount in gold. Even our three basic structures will be able to increase hit points and be more lethal against enemies, but this only after every increase in our account level.

In addition to the gold coin, we will find the classic gems that can be earned in minimum part by playing, and which can be purchased through an in-app mechanism. Among the unlockable trunks, we will find different costs (if we want to buy them) and power, so a Super Magic Trunk will contain more gold coins and a greater probability of containing epic cards than a silver Trunk.

Of course also in Clash Royale we can organize ourselves into clans, where it will be possible to request specific cards and exchange them with our companions, we will also be able to play friendly matches with the members, which are not valid for ranking purposes but only as pure training.


This is a game purely based on online multiplayer, so the clash will always take place against other players online in real time, unless we obviously consider the initial tutorial that will give us a general smattering of the game.

The most fun and interesting aspect is certainly the tactical one , it will be essential to have the right creatures in the field at the right time. Available flying creatures like the Dragon Cub, from the ground like the Prince, attack and defense structures like the Arc-X and many others that you will learn to know very soon. It will be essential to have good timing and choose the best card based on our tactics. Playing we will discover how each player we meet will be differentiated by type of set-up, making each duel different and exciting at the same time.

Important and primary, it will be to keep an eye on the Elixir bar which will load up to a maximum of 10 points. Each card will have a variable cost between 1 and 10 points, so it will be essential to better manage the possibilities awaiting loading. At one minute from the end of a fight, the elixir’s loading speed will double, making it much more hectic, it will also be possible to go overtime for another minute if no one has won. The draw is still an option, which many times we will encounter after fights to the death.

Conclusions and Final Vote

There would really be so much to say about Clash Royale, but if you are a fan of tactical games that don’t take up too much of our time and are perfect for playing even in your spare time, we definitely recommend trying it out. The calibration of the difficulty is very good, and although in-app purchases are a significant boost towards the top of the rankings, even without spending a euro we can have fun playing it with players of a similar grade to ours.

If it were not yet clear, we would like to promote Clash Royale almost with flying colors, once again Supercell has managed to hit the mark, with a title that, we are sure, will have great success in the months to come. Clash Royale can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, video test on iPad Air

About two months ago we proposed a review of the PS 4 version, today we made a short video-test of the iOS version of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The title of 505 Games reproposes the same dynamics of the console counterpart, differing only in a graphic section slightly reduced in terms of effects and general details. We therefore refer you to the previous review regarding gamestyle and gameplay considerations, while today we will see how the particular mobile control system behaves.

But let’s start with a brief reference to the storyline, the introduction quickly reveals the moments linked to the departure of the mother of the two brothers who were protagonists of the story, all of which was also seasoned with a dangerous illness that struck the couple’s father. The brothers will then find themselves working together to try to save the life of the parent, all possible thanks to the finding of the Water of Life, a medicine that can only be reached by going through the different environments present in the game world.

And it is from here that we will undertake our adventure, In Brothers we will simultaneously control two brothers in search of a cure for their sick father, interacting with the environment and people and taking advantage of the peculiarities of the two protagonists. If on console the two analogue levers do their job very well, the touch version is as always a little less precise in the controls. It will take some practice to feel at ease after the initial adventures, in any case it is a less intuitive system that makes coordination more difficult. In the mobile area, the supplementary key for interactions with the elements of the environment has been eliminated, on iOS it will be enough to keep the pressure on the virtual pad for both brothers, as you will see in our clip.

In conclusion, Brothers is a well-made title for which the same conclusions that we reached earlier are valid, if on the one hand it stands out for the general atmosphere, the characterization of the characters and an extraordinary soundtrack, sin for a too long drawn life , in about three hours and without too much difficulty the game can be finished.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons can be purchased for € 4.99 from the App Store, we leave you to our video-test.

Magic Duels: Shadows over Innistrad Review

With Shadows on Innistrad, Magic Duels faces an important update to change the game, bringing it into line with the latest paper expansion published by Wizards of the Coast. Duels obviously doesn’t try to replicate the vastness of cards now accumulated over time, expansion after expansion, but rather offers a digital version that maintains the depth of the gameplay of the paper offering a selection of cards of the latest sets released. In chronological order, the novelties are called Guardian Oath and Shadows on Innistrad, with the last set that takes us back to one of the many worlds of the Magic Multiverse.

The plot starts by putting the player in front of the world of Innistrad, a world completely changed since the last time we visited him since the “dark side” seems to have taken over, unbalancing the balance and throwing everything into chaos. What happened to Avacyn, the angel in charge of protecting this world?

To try to find out we will have to face the missions of history, a springboard to unlock cards so as to compose our deck. In reality the real springboard is the tutorial, useless for those who already play on paper but fundamental and well made for beginners.

The player is in fact accompanied step by step, not only in the discovery of the basic dynamics but also towards a more advanced and strategic level of play, thus making the tutorial of Magic Duels one of the most complete ever made for a video game . Thanks to the Skill Missions it will be possible to learn directly in the field, so as to discover the functioning of the various game dynamics live.


Does anyone still know how to play Magic? In case it really existed, the gameplay is very simple: each player has a deck of 60 cards, draws an initial hand of 7 cards and, in the various turns, uses creatures, sorceries and spells to try to break down the opponent’s life points ( 20) and bring them to zero without suffering the same fate. Continuing in the game, useful coins are unlocked to purchase packs of cards, so as to compose increasingly powerful decks by choosing one of the many strategies. Players can draw on the five available card colors that reflect five different and combinable game “philosophies”.

In addition to the classic 1 vs 1 challenge where the opponent is a good level artificial intelligence, although not without sporadic questionable decisions if analyzed from the point of view of the “pro” player, the game also proposes the 2 vs 2 of the mode Two-Headed Giant, where you can play with a friend (or AI or a random online player) against artificial intelligence or other human opponents .

In fact, the game allows online multiplayer , offering an optimized sub-fund where the 1 vs 1 challenges obviously remain possible and where, just like in the paper game, you can test the true quintessence of the GCC. Playing against human opponents, in fact, will put a strain on both the strategic skills and those previously used in the composition of the deck, thus pushing us to unblock all the possibilities of the offline campaign in order to have a number of cards that can best compose the deck .

The game allows you to unlock , with time, all the cards without having to shell out a real dime ; however, the payment formula remains useful for those who want to speed things up, accumulate cards and immediately jump into online competitions with a good level deck.

Regarding the available cards, Magic Duels offers a good number, especially considering that the last two sets (Guardian Oath and Shadows over Innistrad) brought 304 new cards . The quality of the cards, a topic for “pro” players, is good and we will find some of the knowledge used in tournaments. However, there is still a necessarily reduced system and the selection is not such as to allow us to compose, for example, our competitive deck from T2. However, the choice between the available cards is in any case such as to entertain even the professional looking for a few hours of leisure and some online challenges to complement the classic live tournaments.

Magic Duels is available for free on Xbox One, PC (via Steam) and iOS (iPhone and iPad) . With the latest update the title has managed to improve in technical optimization and has made a significant leap forward in content. However, some defects remain.

The tried and tested Xbox One version, for example, suffers from sporadic freezes (so far one in about thirty games), blocks made even more hateful if in the midst of a titanic and hard-fought match against the Eldrazi during a game started at least half an hour. ..

Furthermore, there is still a certain slowness in the campaign uploads, albeit less than in previous versions, and there is still a lack of possibility that, when it comes to PC and Xbox One, it will become almost “mandatory” in the future: cross-play. In fact, you pass the absence of a single account for all versions considering that we are talking about the Microsoft environment and the Apple environment. The cross-play between PC and Xbox One, however, is now an easily reachable reality and would allow the game to expand its success, offering also a multiplayer with a greater number of challengers among those of the PC world and those of the Xbox One world, especially considering that it is a title where mouse or pad make no difference!

Elder Scrolls Legends Houses of Morrowind: tested on iPhone 8 | Lightning strikes

The Elder Scrolls Legends the card game set in the universe of the famous Bethesda RPG, continues to carve out its own space within a not only crowded but also dominated video game genre, including Blizzard’s Hearthstone and the timeless Magic.

Although the basic mechanics do not substantially differ from other exponents of the genre, The Elder Scrolls Legends still manages to propose some elements to break away from the “mass”, among which undoubtedly stands out the division of the battlefield, which greatly increases the level of strategy to be implemented in the game, and the presence of the well-known attributes that differentiate the cards. Recently, the second substantial expansion has been published, Houses of Morrowind, which introduces some aspects that aim to detach even more from the other exponents of the genre. Will the Strike of Lightning take place?

In addition to adding as many as 149 cards that introduce new creatures and abilities,  Houses of Morrowind also proposes cards from three attributes that have a noticeable impact in gameplay and during deck construction. Inserting creatures and abilities with triple attributes, in fact, means giving life to more full-bodied decks composed of a minimum of 75 cards up to a maximum of 100.

Generally, in other exponents of the genre there is always a tendency to create smaller decks in order to better manage them on the battlefield, with the House of Morrowind expansion, The Elder Scroll Legends completely overturns this concept.

The result is undoubtedly interesting, it gives a breath of fresh air to the gameplay, you can create absolutely competitive decks, able to stand up even to those with two attributes, as it will be possible to deal with the opponent combos as different as they are deadly. However, a more in-depth study will be required in the deck construction phase and it will be necessary to evaluate more strategies as the probability of drawing a particular card will decrease considerably.

The expansion also includes three new puzzles, puzzles to be faced in single players that will put the player in front of a series of difficult challenges. The Riddles of The Elder Scroll Legends, for those unfamiliar with them, are matches to be tackled solo in which it will be necessary to win the match in a single turn against an opponent and with predetermined cards.

Each set of the House of Morrowind includes 10 puzzles and by completing them you will get valuable rewards including new cards. The company, however, will be easier said than done because even the initial puzzles will not be simple and could discourage the neophytes of the game. Unfortunately only the first set, the one dedicated to Caius, will be free: the remaining two instead will have a cost of € 9.99 each or alternatively they will have to be unlocked by paying 1,500 game credits.

The Elder Scrolls Legends is a game that clashes with real giants however the development team is trying to differentiate themselves from the crowd by offering some original mechanics that can bring a breath of fresh air into the genre without distorting the basics.

The three-attribute cards undoubtedly broaden the strategy by introducing varied, articulated and interesting solutions, but addressed to game veterans. Newcomers to the genre could in fact face greater difficulties as creating and managing a deck with a minimum of 75 cards on the battlefield is not exactly a walk.

The Elder Scrolls Legends, in its favor, also proposes a series of contents intended for the single player and designed specifically to allow the user to become familiar with the various mechanics in order to guarantee a simple and intuitive learning curve.

We tested The Elder Scrolls Legends House of Morrowind on iPhone 8 and on the optimization front the mobile version has nothing to envy to that for PC, except for the presence of longer and more frequent uploads (even when switching from a section to other).

The smaller display does not affect in any way the gaming experience: all the menus, tools and contents present in the desktop version are in their place even on smartphones and to zoom on the cards a simple pressure on the screen will suffice: in short we have not heard lack of PC monitor.

The genre of the game also goes perfectly with the mobile devices and the various single-player modes proposed in The Elder Scroll Legends are also very suitable for “hit and run” games to be tackled anywhere and at any time.

Lightning Strike? Absolutely yes. The card game based on the well-known RPG is undoubtedly a gem for all fans of The Elder Scrolls, thanks also to particularly dense lore, and is an excellent alternative to Hearthstone and companions. The game mechanics, even the less traditional ones, do not distort the genre, rest on solid foundations and are well blended, in addition, the single player contents offer a valid alternative to the usual online sector.

Cure Hunters Review – You are the Evil and I am the Cure Hunters

Cure Hunters is the latest title produced by Lucky Kat Studios, the same that allowed the publication of Road Warriors, which this time found the duo formed by Michael van Diest (programmer) and Denis Darftey (pixel artist), supporting them to bring the game on smartphones and tablets.

Gameplay – Shoot and survive

Initially the title looks like a classic two-dimensional scrolling shooter but with the passing of the minutes it reveals the roguelite characteristic elements of the game as after every death we will lose everything except part of the money raised to start over with a new procedurally generated level, increasing the tension and the degree of attention to every enemy or jump. Once all the infected people in the area have been eliminated, we will be able to move on to the next level, passing through a shop where they can buy treatments, weapons and ammunition to continue our adventures.

All levels are well calibrated in that they are dimensions and durability for the mobile environment, moreover, it is possible to use the walls to jump and reach higher points as in Super Mario Run, pushing on verticality and exploration, also considering the presence of speakers of supplies.

This leads from a gaming experience that invents nothing new but offers a twist in classic two-dimensional shooters with fun gameplay without ever being repetitive. Finally, you can spend collected coins (or spend real money to get them) to unlock the various available characters, each with different features and weapons.

History – Free the world from the virus

The adventure of Cure Hunters is set in the future, precisely in the year 2078, where a mysterious meteorite hit the ground, spreading a virus that infected most of the Earth’s population turning it into monsters and zombies. General Vaccinez has created a team, the Cure Hunters, who are in charge of finding an antidote. We will take on the role of the first mission recruit, Dr. Dellton, who was sent on a mission to treat an infected area.

Graphics and sound – Retro vibes

Characters and scenarios have been made entirely in pixel art, like most of the titles produced by the Dutch studio, with retro-style music created by Moose with clear influences from the Neo Geo era.

Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam – The Birdman is not in great shape

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series is probably the first franchise in history to transcend its original scope to the point of making the Californian skater more famous for titles created by Neversoft and produced by Activision than for its exploits on the board. After the release of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 in 2015, a title so disastrous as to earn the title of “Worst Game of the Year” by many gaming titles, The Birdman tries to raise the fortunes of the series for the first time without the help of Activision but with the collaboration of Maple Media with which he developed and published Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam.

Gameplay and Sound – Like old times but …

This new chapter takes up all the main elements of the past starting from the career mode with a structure made up of wide levels to explore in search of the best line where to complete a series of objectives such as achieving a certain score, completing a combo, performing a particular trick and collect the letters HAWK.

The novelty of the title is the other modality from which the game takes its name. In Skate Jam it is possible to participate, registering by spending the in-game currency, to time-based multiplayer events with other players in different specialties where to score points to climb the rankings and at the end receive the prizes up for grabs. These modalities, however, suffer from problems of imbalance towards in-app purchases : before each new event it is possible to buy power-ups to improve the characteristics of the character such as speed, balance and rotation, clearly benefiting the users who have funded the card of credit.

But the real problems, however, are those that come out after a few minutes of play: touch controls do not allow speed and precision to perform the most advanced combos and aim for the best possible score. Moreover, the system of collisions and landings that are not refined often frustrates the efforts made for a combo with an unexpected fall and against the laws of physics. These combined with the control system make the title less enjoyable.

In those few seconds when everything works as it should all the magic of the franchise comes out, but they are just flashes ruined immediately by a decidedly deficient physics in a title that turns out to be more of a console port wrong than a title developed for the mobile market.

Graphics – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Technically the title points to realistic graphics but has low quality textures and fairly simple polygonal patterns. Excellent rock soundtrack with songs by Interpol, Cold Cave, Frontside, Hanni El Khatib, Se Vende, Honduras, Petyr, Starcrawler and others.

Hives Review – Escape the Grid

Hives is the second title of Loner Cat, an Italian team that after the arcade Infinity Ripple returns with a puzzle based on spatial intelligence developed using Corona, a cross-platform framework based on the Lua language, with simple mechanics but ready to test your skills.

Gameplay – Find the right path

The logic behind the game is simple: all levels are formed by a grid of hexagons in which you have to move from point A to point B, moving through swipe in one of the six possible directions using a limited number of moves. Each movement however will take us to the last available cell of the grid, so you must carefully plan each move by making the most of the grid shape to get to the end point, but without any hurry. From these few but precise elements comes a gameplay that can create a very challenging puzzle game to which you add other important elements.

Some hexagons have different characteristics such as breaking once crossed, changing the level, or give extra moves, increasing the variety to the levels. If the level of challenge seems too low in the first few minutes Hives offers different categories of levels with five different degrees of difficulty, with increasingly complex grids, with the last two more different with different ideas than the basic gameplay of the simplest levels.

Graphics – Blue & Black

As for the gameplay, also from the technical point of view Hives focuses on visual solutions that are not very complex and clear: on the grid of blue hexagons on a black background moves our white reference point that leaves a trail between a swipe and the other, thus always being easily readable thanks to movements always fluid. The electronic and hammering musical background will accompany us for all levels.

Gladihoppers Review – Gladiators, I greet you!

The Swedish studio Dreamon Studios, creator of Jumpy Canyon and Bouncy Basketball, returns to the mobile stores with Gladihoppers. Taking advantage of the physics of the basketball title they want to bring something new and original to smartphones and tablets. This new production, set in the era of ancient Rome between gladiators and roosters and Egyptians, offers an arcade point of view in combat with white weapons.

Gameplay – Death, death, death!

The focal point of the title are bloody and frantic fights one on one hopping instead of running towards your enemy via swipe on the left side of the screen. The combat system, which needs a few games to be mastered at its best, is composed of directional attacks with different power and speed to be performed by swipe on the right side of the screen, making every duel fun. This is accompanied by damage management based on the type of weapons, armor and character statistics, speed of movement and which part of the body is hit but is not fully exploited.

The main mode, waiting for the career that should arrive in the future, is the Arcade where you must defend the emperor from a tribe of Gauls in revolt against his villa ready to assassinate him in a series of duels that unfortunately show the side to a certain repetitiveness. The other two “quick fight” modes, where you can customize your guerreiro by choosing equipment from a wide range of weapons, shields and armor; and “pratice” unfortunately they do not add much variety to the experience but they are more useful to fully learn the combat system, lacking a tutorial or anyway a guide inside the application.

Graphics – 2D + 3D = 5D?

Gladihoppers combines sprite in pixel art from the retro style of the fighters to environments, in this version only three, three-dimensional with a more modern style offering a unique style with lots of bloodsheds.

#Drive Review – It’s a long way to the top

Since Temple Run and Subway Surfers, the endless runner genre has evolved and titles like Pinout or Chameleon Run have added variety to the genre. The guys from Pixel Perfect Dude, a Polish developer and publisher, have contributed to this historic game formula. #DRIVE is an endless driving inspired by action movies and the “road movies” of the 70s and 80s that tries to offer the simplest approach possible allowing the player to get in the car immediately with an experience without too many frills.

Drive Game Android

Gameplay – The farther you go, the better

#DRIVE puts us at the wheel of a car on procedurally generated long highways in which we will always cross five cities within the level. The control scheme is typical of the mobile platform: the acceleration of our car is automatic while it is possible to move to the right or left by plugging one of the sides of the screen while braking while holding down both, very useful when you have to avoid obstacles or perform sudden maneuvers.

All while keeping an eye on the amount of fuel in the tank and the level of damage as the farther we go the greater the traffic and the number of cars to avoid, complicating our journey . Fortunately on the way we will find service stations at the sides of the road to refuel or repair the car, donut shops to use to keep the police at bay to our pursuit or power ups to make our journey easier.

There are about 30 cars available, all inspired by historic real cars like the Citroen 2CV, the Delorean, the powerful Renault 5 Turbo, the local Fiat 500 and off-road vehicles of all ages and sizes, each with different characteristics such as speed, grip and acceleration that can be improved by spending the corks collected.

Graphics – A road movie in low poly

The cars and settings created in low poly by Karol Miklas return the feeling of the films to which it is inspired, thanks also to a typical aesthetic of the 70s and 80s, as well as the soundtrack. Currently, three different locations are available: starting from the desert areas of the United States of America, passing through the snowy provinces of England, up to the forests of Germany (others will come with the next updates); each with its own colors and rich in details.

Layton’s Mystery Journey Review

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire Plot has finally landed on iOS and Android to the delight of all puzzle and puzzle fans.

The Level-5 home series, now in its tenth anniversary, this time comes first on mobile devices with a real new chapter. 3DS owners will, therefore, have to wait a few more months, as the title is in fact scheduled for release in the autumn.

In Katrielle and the Millionaire Plot there will not be the well-known Professor Layton but his daughter who, with her marked investigative skills and two rather bizarre helpers, will have to commit herself to solving a series of cases, with an end which is anything but obvious. Will the new Level-5 signed title succeed in winning over mobile users? We think so and reading our review you will discover why.

Despite the fulcrum of the whole experience, in Professor Layton’s games, it is the puzzles and puzzles to be solved, even the narrative sector is of some importance .

The protagonist of the whole story is called Katrielle and is the daughter of Professor Layton. An investigator with strong skills, ready to solve any mystery that, one day, she decides to open an investigative agency. At his side we find Ben, his assistant who, despite not being particularly witty, tries in every way to help the employer: a modern transposition of Sherlock and Watson.

The activity of Katrielle is at the beginning and the raw material, or rather the customers, are scarce. Surprisingly, outside the agency, our investigator meets a nice talking dog who obviously needs help. Katrielle is not particularly surprised by the fact that the quadruped can speak and, after assigning him the name of Sherl, decides to help him discover his origins. Soon the commitment taken into the background and Katrielle, Ben and Sherl will begin to work together to solve intrigues and strange cases that will end in completely unexpected ways.

In Katrielle and the Millionaire Plot we are called to solve 12 cases , apparently separated. The various surveys in fact only connected to each other by a single thread. The game experience is characterized, as usual, by the presence of puzzles and puzzles of various kinds and difficulties, some mandatory to continue the investigation while others are completely optional.

The screen of our Tablet or Smartphone is divided into two equal parts : an upper area with the main scene and a lower one with area map and buttons to access the game menu. Our task is obviously to solve the various cases, inspecting, with the inevitable magnifying glass, the environment that surrounds us in order to find clues, collectibles, question witnesses, passers-by and suspects who will not miss the opportunity to entrust us with countless puzzle to solve. Puzzles and puzzles are therefore the focus of the entire gameplayand solving them all won’t be a walk. You need to squeeze your brains, use ingenuity, reasoning and intuition. Sometimes we will also need some mathematical calculations and often the “Notes” interface, on which we can scribble, will be very useful to formulate our hypotheses.

Each puzzle is associated with a certain number of Picarates , a value that determines its difficulty and increases the player’s score. Once the tackle has been resolved, the Picarati go to increase our global score, however, by making a mistake or using the aids, the Picarates assigned to the enigma will decrease.

All the puzzles, in addition to being equipped with an explanation, also provide some help that to be activated need coins, which can be recovered by carefully exploring the various settings. The aid, however, does not solve the enigma but simply gives indications or suggestions to reach the conclusion. The level of general difficulty is varied: some puzzles are simpler while others are complex and arriving at the solution will not be absolutely simple, often also due to an excessively hasty explanation with a translation that does not always make people shout to the miracle.

Katrielle and the Millionaire Plot keeps players busy for about ten hours , however the time depends a lot on the skill of each individual user in solving the various puzzles. In addition, if you want to complete the game 100% (with optional puzzles, coins and collectibles), the longevity of the title will increase significantly.

After completing the first case, our nice investigator will be immediately enrolled in another difficult investigation but the freedom to return to the studio remains, from where it is possible to visit again all the settingsthat have been the background to the solved cases, in order to complete the survey 100%.

The personal study of Katrielle can also be personalized by changing the furniture, the color of the upholstery and choosing a new flooring provided you have the ” Tickets ” you can get by playing. The game also includes an optional micro-transaction system: with the use of real money you can in fact buy some extra content including a series of clothes for Katrille that can still be obtained even when playing. Also interesting is the section called “Enigma of the day” which offers us a different puzzle every 24 hours.

On Tablets and Smartphones, Katrielle and the Millionaire Plot offers a resolution, image quality and a level of detail greater than what was seen in Professor Layton’s previous games, released on Nintendo’s portable consoles.

The style is reminiscent of Japanese anime and the various cut-scenes can be viewed both horizontally and vertically, obviously the first option is the recommended choice. The London settings are absolutely engaging and even the characters are well characterized : the only slightly off-key note is the innumerable sometimes verbose dialogues .

The title is translated into our language however some parts, especially those relating to the explanations of the various puzzles, are not always perfect, a factor that complicates the resolution of some puzzles. Good dubbing with a higher than average quality.

The game interface is simple, intuitive and allows the player to immediately become familiar with the style of play, in addition the possibility of saving at any time makes Katrielle and the Millionaire Plot a suitable game even for a quick game and the presence of a brief summary, every time we load the rescue, it allows us not to lose the thread of the plot and the investigation.

Katrielle and the Millionaire Plot is undoubtedly a “must have” for all Professor Layton’s fans but it is also a great title to get closer to the series. The game mechanics are simple, the bizarre characters and the investigations, some even to the point of absurdity, are engaging and amusing. The proposed puzzles are diversified, never frustrating and between mathematical calculations, logic-based puzzles, real puzzles and a difficulty level sometimes quite difficult, the title will delight all fans.

Unlike the previous chapters, the game does not have a single investigation but is divided into 12 cases to be solved , all connected however by a single thread. The division into chapters surely makes the narrative sector less profound but offers a fresh, engaging and above all suitable game for quick matches, in short, ideal for tablets and smartphones.

Absolutely positive note for the possibility to face the adventures of Katrielle even in the absence of connection while less exciting the price of 17.99 euros that could turn up the nose to users accustomed to playing mobile titles with often lower prices.

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