About two months ago we proposed a review of the PS 4 version, today we made a short video-test of the iOS version of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The title of 505 Games reproposes the same dynamics of the console counterpart, differing only in a graphic section slightly reduced in terms of effects and general details. We therefore refer you to the previous review regarding gamestyle and gameplay considerations, while today we will see how the particular mobile control system behaves.

But let’s start with a brief reference to the storyline, the introduction quickly reveals the moments linked to the departure of the mother of the two brothers who were protagonists of the story, all of which was also seasoned with a dangerous illness that struck the couple’s father. The brothers will then find themselves working together to try to save the life of the parent, all possible thanks to the finding of the Water of Life, a medicine that can only be reached by going through the different environments present in the game world.

And it is from here that we will undertake our adventure, In Brothers we will simultaneously control two brothers in search of a cure for their sick father, interacting with the environment and people and taking advantage of the peculiarities of the two protagonists. If on console the two analogue levers do their job very well, the touch version is as always a little less precise in the controls. It will take some practice to feel at ease after the initial adventures, in any case it is a less intuitive system that makes coordination more difficult. In the mobile area, the supplementary key for interactions with the elements of the environment has been eliminated, on iOS it will be enough to keep the pressure on the virtual pad for both brothers, as you will see in our clip.

In conclusion, Brothers is a well-made title for which the same conclusions that we reached earlier are valid, if on the one hand it stands out for the general atmosphere, the characterization of the characters and an extraordinary soundtrack, sin for a too long drawn life , in about three hours and without too much difficulty the game can be finished.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons can be purchased for € 4.99 from the App Store, we leave you to our video-test.