As expected, the month of March brought us the official publication of the new Supercell title, of course we are talking about Clash Royale, available for Android and iOS. We at HDblog have already tested it extensively in the soft launch phases, but today we offer you our complete review, accompanied by a short video-gameplay where you can see this game in action, which promises to be a great global success.

Let’s start by telling you that this game also reflects the style of publication of Supercell titles, resulting totally free but supported by in-app purchases, which as always make the difference in the speed of growth within the global rankings, but let’s proceed with order starting with gamestyle.


In Clash Royale we will face short battles lasting a few minutes with a view from above and Clash of Clans-style graphics, where we and our enemy will face each other with the goal of razing the King’s tower or at least the two defensive towers . Imagine a soccer field, where instead of the two doors there will be structures, ours and those of the enemy on the opposite side, this will be the display arrangement we will soon get used to.

Between us and our opponent we will find little road but lots of enemies, towers and defensive structures all coming from the beloved world of Clash of Clans, but with some unpublished presence. As in card games we will have to collect the greatest number of common cards, rare and epic, playable on the pitch with a cost in “Elixir” variable according to the power. Each character, tower and defensive structure will be upgradeable by unlocking the Trunks earned after each victory , collecting the required number of cards and spending a variable amount in gold. Even our three basic structures will be able to increase hit points and be more lethal against enemies, but this only after every increase in our account level.

In addition to the gold coin, we will find the classic gems that can be earned in minimum part by playing, and which can be purchased through an in-app mechanism. Among the unlockable trunks, we will find different costs (if we want to buy them) and power, so a Super Magic Trunk will contain more gold coins and a greater probability of containing epic cards than a silver Trunk.

Of course also in Clash Royale we can organize ourselves into clans, where it will be possible to request specific cards and exchange them with our companions, we will also be able to play friendly matches with the members, which are not valid for ranking purposes but only as pure training.


This is a game purely based on online multiplayer, so the clash will always take place against other players online in real time, unless we obviously consider the initial tutorial that will give us a general smattering of the game.

The most fun and interesting aspect is certainly the tactical one , it will be essential to have the right creatures in the field at the right time. Available flying creatures like the Dragon Cub, from the ground like the Prince, attack and defense structures like the Arc-X and many others that you will learn to know very soon. It will be essential to have good timing and choose the best card based on our tactics. Playing we will discover how each player we meet will be differentiated by type of set-up, making each duel different and exciting at the same time.

Important and primary, it will be to keep an eye on the Elixir bar which will load up to a maximum of 10 points. Each card will have a variable cost between 1 and 10 points, so it will be essential to better manage the possibilities awaiting loading. At one minute from the end of a fight, the elixir’s loading speed will double, making it much more hectic, it will also be possible to go overtime for another minute if no one has won. The draw is still an option, which many times we will encounter after fights to the death.

Conclusions and Final Vote

There would really be so much to say about Clash Royale, but if you are a fan of tactical games that don’t take up too much of our time and are perfect for playing even in your spare time, we definitely recommend trying it out. The calibration of the difficulty is very good, and although in-app purchases are a significant boost towards the top of the rankings, even without spending a euro we can have fun playing it with players of a similar grade to ours.

If it were not yet clear, we would like to promote Clash Royale almost with flying colors, once again Supercell has managed to hit the mark, with a title that, we are sure, will have great success in the months to come. Clash Royale can be downloaded for free from the App Store.