Cure Hunters is the latest title produced by Lucky Kat Studios, the same that allowed the publication of Road Warriors, which this time found the duo formed by Michael van Diest (programmer) and Denis Darftey (pixel artist), supporting them to bring the game on smartphones and tablets.

Gameplay – Shoot and survive

Initially the title looks like a classic two-dimensional scrolling shooter but with the passing of the minutes it reveals the roguelite characteristic elements of the game as after every death we will lose everything except part of the money raised to start over with a new procedurally generated level, increasing the tension and the degree of attention to every enemy or jump. Once all the infected people in the area have been eliminated, we will be able to move on to the next level, passing through a shop where they can buy treatments, weapons and ammunition to continue our adventures.

All levels are well calibrated in that they are dimensions and durability for the mobile environment, moreover, it is possible to use the walls to jump and reach higher points as in Super Mario Run, pushing on verticality and exploration, also considering the presence of speakers of supplies.

This leads from a gaming experience that invents nothing new but offers a twist in classic two-dimensional shooters with fun gameplay without ever being repetitive. Finally, you can spend collected coins (or spend real money to get them) to unlock the various available characters, each with different features and weapons.

History – Free the world from the virus

The adventure of Cure Hunters is set in the future, precisely in the year 2078, where a mysterious meteorite hit the ground, spreading a virus that infected most of the Earth’s population turning it into monsters and zombies. General Vaccinez has created a team, the Cure Hunters, who are in charge of finding an antidote. We will take on the role of the first mission recruit, Dr. Dellton, who was sent on a mission to treat an infected area.

Graphics and sound – Retro vibes

Characters and scenarios have been made entirely in pixel art, like most of the titles produced by the Dutch studio, with retro-style music created by Moose with clear influences from the Neo Geo era.