Since Temple Run and Subway Surfers, the endless runner genre has evolved and titles like Pinout or Chameleon Run have added variety to the genre. The guys from Pixel Perfect Dude, a Polish developer and publisher, have contributed to this historic game formula. #DRIVE is an endless driving inspired by action movies and the “road movies” of the 70s and 80s that tries to offer the simplest approach possible allowing the player to get in the car immediately with an experience without too many frills.

Drive Game Android

Gameplay – The farther you go, the better

#DRIVE puts us at the wheel of a car on procedurally generated long highways in which we will always cross five cities within the level. The control scheme is typical of the mobile platform: the acceleration of our car is automatic while it is possible to move to the right or left by plugging one of the sides of the screen while braking while holding down both, very useful when you have to avoid obstacles or perform sudden maneuvers.

All while keeping an eye on the amount of fuel in the tank and the level of damage as the farther we go the greater the traffic and the number of cars to avoid, complicating our journey . Fortunately on the way we will find service stations at the sides of the road to refuel or repair the car, donut shops to use to keep the police at bay to our pursuit or power ups to make our journey easier.

There are about 30 cars available, all inspired by historic real cars like the Citroen 2CV, the Delorean, the powerful Renault 5 Turbo, the local Fiat 500 and off-road vehicles of all ages and sizes, each with different characteristics such as speed, grip and acceleration that can be improved by spending the corks collected.

Graphics – A road movie in low poly

The cars and settings created in low poly by Karol Miklas return the feeling of the films to which it is inspired, thanks also to a typical aesthetic of the 70s and 80s, as well as the soundtrack. Currently, three different locations are available: starting from the desert areas of the United States of America, passing through the snowy provinces of England, up to the forests of Germany (others will come with the next updates); each with its own colors and rich in details.