The Elder Scrolls Legends the card game set in the universe of the famous Bethesda RPG, continues to carve out its own space within a not only crowded but also dominated video game genre, including Blizzard’s Hearthstone and the timeless Magic.

Although the basic mechanics do not substantially differ from other exponents of the genre, The Elder Scrolls Legends still manages to propose some elements to break away from the “mass”, among which undoubtedly stands out the division of the battlefield, which greatly increases the level of strategy to be implemented in the game, and the presence of the well-known attributes that differentiate the cards. Recently, the second substantial expansion has been published, Houses of Morrowind, which introduces some aspects that aim to detach even more from the other exponents of the genre. Will the Strike of Lightning take place?

In addition to adding as many as 149 cards that introduce new creatures and abilities,  Houses of Morrowind also proposes cards from three attributes that have a noticeable impact in gameplay and during deck construction. Inserting creatures and abilities with triple attributes, in fact, means giving life to more full-bodied decks composed of a minimum of 75 cards up to a maximum of 100.

Generally, in other exponents of the genre there is always a tendency to create smaller decks in order to better manage them on the battlefield, with the House of Morrowind expansion, The Elder Scroll Legends completely overturns this concept.

The result is undoubtedly interesting, it gives a breath of fresh air to the gameplay, you can create absolutely competitive decks, able to stand up even to those with two attributes, as it will be possible to deal with the opponent combos as different as they are deadly. However, a more in-depth study will be required in the deck construction phase and it will be necessary to evaluate more strategies as the probability of drawing a particular card will decrease considerably.

The expansion also includes three new puzzles, puzzles to be faced in single players that will put the player in front of a series of difficult challenges. The Riddles of The Elder Scroll Legends, for those unfamiliar with them, are matches to be tackled solo in which it will be necessary to win the match in a single turn against an opponent and with predetermined cards.

Each set of the House of Morrowind includes 10 puzzles and by completing them you will get valuable rewards including new cards. The company, however, will be easier said than done because even the initial puzzles will not be simple and could discourage the neophytes of the game. Unfortunately only the first set, the one dedicated to Caius, will be free: the remaining two instead will have a cost of € 9.99 each or alternatively they will have to be unlocked by paying 1,500 game credits.

The Elder Scrolls Legends is a game that clashes with real giants however the development team is trying to differentiate themselves from the crowd by offering some original mechanics that can bring a breath of fresh air into the genre without distorting the basics.

The three-attribute cards undoubtedly broaden the strategy by introducing varied, articulated and interesting solutions, but addressed to game veterans. Newcomers to the genre could in fact face greater difficulties as creating and managing a deck with a minimum of 75 cards on the battlefield is not exactly a walk.

The Elder Scrolls Legends, in its favor, also proposes a series of contents intended for the single player and designed specifically to allow the user to become familiar with the various mechanics in order to guarantee a simple and intuitive learning curve.

We tested The Elder Scrolls Legends House of Morrowind on iPhone 8 and on the optimization front the mobile version has nothing to envy to that for PC, except for the presence of longer and more frequent uploads (even when switching from a section to other).

The smaller display does not affect in any way the gaming experience: all the menus, tools and contents present in the desktop version are in their place even on smartphones and to zoom on the cards a simple pressure on the screen will suffice: in short we have not heard lack of PC monitor.

The genre of the game also goes perfectly with the mobile devices and the various single-player modes proposed in The Elder Scroll Legends are also very suitable for “hit and run” games to be tackled anywhere and at any time.

Lightning Strike? Absolutely yes. The card game based on the well-known RPG is undoubtedly a gem for all fans of The Elder Scrolls, thanks also to particularly dense lore, and is an excellent alternative to Hearthstone and companions. The game mechanics, even the less traditional ones, do not distort the genre, rest on solid foundations and are well blended, in addition, the single player contents offer a valid alternative to the usual online sector.