The Swedish studio Dreamon Studios, creator of Jumpy Canyon and Bouncy Basketball, returns to the mobile stores with Gladihoppers. Taking advantage of the physics of the basketball title they want to bring something new and original to smartphones and tablets. This new production, set in the era of ancient Rome between gladiators and roosters and Egyptians, offers an arcade point of view in combat with white weapons.

Gameplay – Death, death, death!

The focal point of the title are bloody and frantic fights one on one hopping instead of running towards your enemy via swipe on the left side of the screen. The combat system, which needs a few games to be mastered at its best, is composed of directional attacks with different power and speed to be performed by swipe on the right side of the screen, making every duel fun. This is accompanied by damage management based on the type of weapons, armor and character statistics, speed of movement and which part of the body is hit but is not fully exploited.

The main mode, waiting for the career that should arrive in the future, is the Arcade where you must defend the emperor from a tribe of Gauls in revolt against his villa ready to assassinate him in a series of duels that unfortunately show the side to a certain repetitiveness. The other two “quick fight” modes, where you can customize your guerreiro by choosing equipment from a wide range of weapons, shields and armor; and “pratice” unfortunately they do not add much variety to the experience but they are more useful to fully learn the combat system, lacking a tutorial or anyway a guide inside the application.

Graphics – 2D + 3D = 5D?

Gladihoppers combines sprite in pixel art from the retro style of the fighters to environments, in this version only three, three-dimensional with a more modern style offering a unique style with lots of bloodsheds.