Hives is the second title of Loner Cat, an Italian team that after the arcade Infinity Ripple returns with a puzzle based on spatial intelligence developed using Corona, a cross-platform framework based on the Lua language, with simple mechanics but ready to test your skills.

Gameplay – Find the right path

The logic behind the game is simple: all levels are formed by a grid of hexagons in which you have to move from point A to point B, moving through swipe in one of the six possible directions using a limited number of moves. Each movement however will take us to the last available cell of the grid, so you must carefully plan each move by making the most of the grid shape to get to the end point, but without any hurry. From these few but precise elements comes a gameplay that can create a very challenging puzzle game to which you add other important elements.

Some hexagons have different characteristics such as breaking once crossed, changing the level, or give extra moves, increasing the variety to the levels. If the level of challenge seems too low in the first few minutes Hives offers different categories of levels with five different degrees of difficulty, with increasingly complex grids, with the last two more different with different ideas than the basic gameplay of the simplest levels.

Graphics – Blue & Black

As for the gameplay, also from the technical point of view Hives focuses on visual solutions that are not very complex and clear: on the grid of blue hexagons on a black background moves our white reference point that leaves a trail between a swipe and the other, thus always being easily readable thanks to movements always fluid. The electronic and hammering musical background will accompany us for all levels.